Ten Reasons Not to Create and The One Reason Why to Create!

10. It’s not good enough
9. Who do you think you are? Someone special?
8. No one will buy it
7. It’s not perfect yet.
6. No one will like it.
5. Someone can do it better than I can.
4. I should get a “real job”
3. They will laugh at me
2. They won’t “get it.”
1. I’ll fail

And the One Reason Why (and the ONLY ONE that matters)
1. Because I have to.


One Comment

  1. We create because it is our passion, our form(s) of expression, from our heart and soul, through our hands. If we didn’t create, we would bottle everything up inside – and that wouldn’t be good for us physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually. We need to create in order to survive. Whether or not someone purchases it, is out of our control. We can only put it out there, and pray that someone is touched, or moved, by our creativity, enough to want to spend their money, so they can have that momento for their own.


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