A few early sketches

Here are some really early sketches I did for the characters for this webcomic I’m toying with, tentatively called, “S.W.A.M.P. Squad” Don’t know if the title will make the final cut yet. These early sketches were done on animation paper in blue pencil. swampsquadearly
And these earliest sketches were done on napkins in ink while enjoying a pint of Guiness at the Hotel Paris while taking a break in Las Vegas last November. Some of my favorite sketches of all-time have been done on napkins.
The names of the characters are Grubbs, an alligator and Hicks, an armadillo. This is an early sketch, done again in blue pencil trying to think through character traits, the single most important part of the process. I’m not sure if the eye patch will stay. I did it as a tribute to a good friend of mine, then I realized, it kind of looks exactly like him. But it does add some air of mystery to the character. The injury probably occurred during a skirmish with a very angry, undercooked, mudbug (another name for crawfish) who attacked Grubbs before the tabasco sauce did him in, plucking out his eye in a fury of rage. Makes for a good back story if nothing else.



  1. Hi, Drew—
    We did an interview years and years ago (which never was published because the journal I did it for went out of business; same thing happened to my interview with Ed Stein, which was perpetrated earlier the same day as ours), and I’m now back in Denver, living in Reunion just south of Brighton. Anyhow—more to the point, I love your sketches for Swamp Squad and wish you all the best in getting it launched.


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