Thinking about creating a Web Comic

I’ve been toying with doing a web comic lately. There is a whole new model for doing a comic strip out side of print media these days, one in which I find very exciting and a bit freeing. Cartoonists who are syndicated are often kept on very tight leashes by editors and publishers who get a bit paranoid when they get a single phone call about something that has upset a reader. How Garry Trudeau, who does Doonesbury, has been able to stand the complaints his strip generates is beyond me. On the internet there are no such restrictions. The problem is monetizing the strip.

copyright Drew Litton 2009

These are a few characters that I’m working on in hopes they will bloom into their very own web comic. Think the Man from U.N.C.L.E. meets the Big Easy meets Lethal Weapon and you have a pretty good idea of the direction I’m goin in. Doing something in the swampland of Lousiana is really exciting to me since I love the setting and the landscape. I’m thinking about documenting the process on Creator’s Incubator as I work out the kinks and move forward towards actually launching it (if indeed I do). It might make an interesting project. Let me know what you think.



  1. Drew,

    Love the idea of a Cajun everyman/superman. Lots of good material there. I see an army of snapping turtles in their future…

    Although the books are a bit dark, check out the author James Lee Burke. He does a series of detective/police procedurals with a character Dave Robicheaux. The stories take place in New Iberia, LA and New Orleans. It might give you some good back story and insight to the area.

    On another note, what about using the “Rhino” as a source for a web-strip? Your alter ego must have some pretty good stuff. His piercing look and goofy grins could translate nicely to merchandise (a la


    1. Thanks Mike, For the encouraging words. Still in the process of flushing out the characters and doing some story structure. I’ll post when I have something new


  2. You should do it. It takes time for a webcomic to get established and actually make a profit.

    If you can get it going NOW – you’ll probably at least a step ahead as the print situation worsens.

    Having one foot in each world is probably the ideal situation right now anyway.


    1. Frank,
      Still contemplating the web comic idea. I spoke with Scott Kurtz (PVP online) at Comic-Con about the business model and what is involved in the process. If you have some more about your story that would make a good installment on the site e-mail me at with some details. I want this to be a creative co-op.


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